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Remote Control Sumo Wrestlers

Remote Control Sumo Wrestlers

Skip the years of training and binge eating well maybe not the eating needed to hone your body into the mighty mass of a Sumo Wrestler, and avoid having to wear a nappy in public with these ridiculous RC battlers. Lay out the ring, place your mighty wrestlers at the edge and charge! These two cartoon pot bellied Sumos are at your command, and all you need to do is use your wits and RC dexterity as opposed to body mass to force your opponent from the ring. Use his massive feet to tip the other one over, spin round to side swipe him, or just go full speed ahead and shove him out of the ring. They may not have the nobility and skill level of the real guys, but then they wont empty your fridge or break your furniture when they sit down either. Daft and deliciously stupid. Features A two player sumo wrestling game. A wrestling ring mat. Two cartoon sumo wrestlers with giant bellies and feet. Each wrestler has a different coloured thong and a matching controller. Requires 10 x AAA Batteries 3 x AAA Batteries not included for each wrestler and 2 x AAA not included for each controller. Suitable for ages 8 years. Size Sumo wrestler 16 x 12 x 7.5cm Ring 43 x 43cm.

Price:  AU$39.95 from  100 Gift Voucher

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