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Sat Nag

Sat Nag

Irritating, annoying, infuriating! The 110% accurate satellite navigation spoof. At the next junction you will be driven completely round the bend. Sat Nag, the in car non satellite nagging system. Accurate to within two metres of your mother in law. Press the button on the front and a very well recorded, patronising womans voice will come out with one of a host of hysterical Sat Nav type commands I know youre a man, but its been 35 minutes now, so can you please admit youre lost and ask someone the way In 100 metres turn left. No right, err, no left. Sorry, I never can tell my left from my right In 50 meters Im going to put on my most annoying voice and say Is your shortcut really faster when we get stuck in traffic like this, well, is it darling In 100 meters Im going to talk to you in that special voice, which should let you know youve upset me in some way that is bound to be your fault. There are loads of them, and the main reason theyre so darn funny is that whilst ducking a flying shoe theyre so accurate, weve all been there, and boy are we all going there again. There are a few not in front of the children comments, but none that are too offensive. This anti compass has a holographic screen, highlighting the important roads such as Whiny Lane, Backseat Drive and Earache Avenue, and will have you howling with laughter both at the idiosyncrasies of women in passenger seats and also how dumb men are behind the wheel every car should have one. Theres nothing quite like a passenger with an endless stream of deeply irritating phrases to drive a motorist round the bend. This hilarious nag in the box manages just that, with lines galore from the worst back seat driver youll ever hear. Sat Nag is quite simply, the quickest route to road rage and the perfect gift for any long suffering motorist. Specifications Size 90x80x20mm Phrases 25 Ages product not suitable for under 3 years. Contains some mild adult themes, p

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