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Shockolate Vault Jar

Shockolate Vault Jar

This is the latest willpower aid. This little jar will remove temptation from you for up to 24 hours. You choose how long you think you can go without a bit of chocolate or a cigarette etc. Set the timer and place your stash inside. If you change your mind there will be shocking consequences. Keep temptation at bay and lock your favourite goodies away. If you try to cheat you receive a nasty shock, as this is an electric shock storage jar. Lock away your temptations in your shockolate vault. Place your favourite chocolate and sweets or your packet of ciggies inside the jar and screw the lid closed. Programme the timer you will see the clock count down until it is time for your treat. To open the jar squeeze the pads on top of the lid and twist anticlockwise, but remember if you do this before the time is up you are in for a shock literally. Once the timer is set you cannot get into the jar until the time has passed and if you do you will receive a rather deserved shock A great idea for dieters or those trying to quit the fags or for keeping other members of your household away from your stash. Click here to see our other Shocking Games! Features The timer can be set up to 24 hours in advance. Chocolate and sweets not included Warning This product can emit an electric shock and should not be used by anybody suffering from heart problems or epilepsy and should be kept out of the reach of children.

Price:  AU$29.95 from  100 Gift Voucher

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